What am I not covered for?

This Policy does not cover any of the the following.

This Policy does not cover, and the Company will not in any event be liable to pay any Benefits or indemnify the Insured Person in respect of, any loss which is, directly or indirectly, caused by, a consequence of, arises in connection with or is contributed to by any of the following:


  • Declared or undeclared war or riot or civil commotion or invasion.

  • Loss, destruction or damage from radiations, chemical or nuclear.

  • Self-inflicted injury and Suicide.

  • Insured person engaging in aviation, other than as fare-paying passenger in commercial airline.

  • Violation of law by Insured person or illegal acts.

  • Insured person acting as law enforcement officer, emergency medical or fire service personnel, civil defence personal or similar capacity, whether full-time service or as a volunteer.

  • Insured person taking part in semi-professional and professional sports or Hazardous Adventure.

  • Human Deficiency Syndrome (HIV), Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) or AIDS related Complications (ARC).

  • Diving beyond 30 meters in depth.

  • High altitude activities of 3000 meter above sea level.

  • Pre-existing medical conditions.

  • Pregnancy or childbirth or miscarriage or abortion.

  • Trip undertaken against the advice of doctor.

  • Loss or expenses with respect to Cuba or causing Us in breach of trade or economic sanctions.

  • Engaging in offshore activities, mining, aerial photography, explosives handling.

*Please refer to the Policy Wording for the full terms, conditions and exclusions.