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Types Of Plan & Eligibility

No. All coverage must be purchased before commencement of journey.

Yes, However, you may only purchase a One Way Journey. Coverage terminates at  11.59 p.m. on the expiry date of the Period of Insurance specified in the Certificate of Insurance or when you arrives at the airport in the Destination country. 

  • The Insured Person and/or his/her Spouse (where Family Plan is chosen) must be a Malaysian, Malaysian Permanent Resident, or holder of a valid (issued by the authorities in Malaysia) work permit, employment pass, dependent pass, long-term social visit pass, or student pass, and be at least eighteen (18) years of age up to eighty (80) years of age on the commencement of the Period of Insurance;
  • the Child(ren) (where Family Plan is chosen), must be:
    1. a Malaysian, Malaysian Permanent Resident, or holder of a valid (issued by the authorities in Malaysia) dependent pass or student pass;    
    2. at least thirty (30) days of age and not more than eighteen (18) years old (or twenty-three (23) years old if studying full-time in a recognized tertiary institution) on the commencement of the Period of Insurance;
    3. unmarried; and
    4. unemployed.

It is the travelling period during which the coverage under this Policy is effective, as stated in the Certificate of Insurance. For example, if you are travelling to multiple countries from 14th January 2021 till 10th February 2021, the period of insurance will be from 14th January 2021 till 10th February 2021.


You will receive the Certificate of Insurance via email once payment of premium has been made.

Covid-19 Cover

Yes. The benefits stated below are extended to cover Covid-19 for International destination without additional premium charge.

  • Overseas Medical Expenses
  • Daily Hospital Income
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Travel Cancellation
  • Travel Curtailment

Yes. You need to be fully vaccinated to be protected with Covid-19 benefits. 

Yes. You may file a claim if you are forced to cancel any part of your trip within fifteen (15) days prior to the Scheduled Departure Date; due to Specified Cause below:

  • You are diagnosed with COVID-19 with written confirmation by a Doctor;
  • Your death and/or Your Family Member or Travel Companion due to COVID-19 which resulted in You cancelling the Journey; or
  • You are serving a Compulsory Quarantine or stay home notice order from the government.

You may file a claim for Travel Curtailment for the loss incurred if you are forced to curtail or alter the itinerary of any part of a planned Journey. 

Medical Cover

No. However, please note that there are exclusions on pre-existing medical conditions. Please refer to Policy Coverages for full details.

Any medical condition which you have reasonable knowledge of in 12 months prior to the Period of Insurance.

Please refer to Policy Coverages for full details.

No, Chubb Travel Insure does not have this option.

No, the policy does not cover any pregnancy-related issues other than accidental miscarriage due to bodily injury as a result of an accident.

Yes, it is covered if is resulting from an accident during the period of cover. However, this does not include costs of dentures.

Please contact our 24 hours Chubb Emergency Assistance hotline +603 76283703 for help. We will be able to assist with any medical assistance as well as translator assistance if required. 

You can request for Cashless admission through Chubb Emergency Assistance and we will arrange accordingly. Subject to terms and conditions.

Baggage Cover

No, the amount of baggage cover cannot be increased.

No, Chubb Travel Insure does not cover any hired or leased equipment.

Yes, they are but terms and conditions apply. Please refer to "Loss or Damage of Personal Belonging & Baggage”– Additional Exclusions" in the policy wording.

This plan will pay the stated benefit amount specified in the Summary of Benefits for every six full consecutive hours of delay up to the maximum benefit amount specified.

Chubb Travel Insure will pay up to the maximum limit specified under Loss or Damage of Personal Belonging & Baggage.

No, it would not be covered. Unaccompanied baggage is not covered.

The limit of cover varies depending on the plan purchased. For details, kindly refer to the Summary of Benefits.

Sports And Sporting Equipment

No. Sporting equipment are not covered. However, Golf Equipment is covered as per Golf Equipment Benefits.

Please refer to Policy Coverages for full details.

Trip Cancellation

The policy excludes prohibition or regulations by any government, and so any Travel Cancellation or Trip Change claims related to this cause.

1.       If, You are forced to cancel or postpone Your Overseas Journey as the direct and necessary result of any of the following Specified Causes occurring within sixty (60) days for event (b), within thirty (30) days for events (c) and (d) and within fourteen (14) days for events (e) to (h) before the Scheduled Departure Date, and must be accompanied with travel advice, requisite proof or report from relevant authority(s).

2.       This coverage is effective only if this Policy is purchased before You become aware of any circumstances which could lead to the disruption of Your Journey.

3.       Specified Causes :

a.       Your Death;

b.       You sustaining Bodily Injury or becoming ill (applicable to Overseas Journey only), which in the opinion of a Physician causes You to be unfit to travel on a Scheduled Departure Date;

c.        The death of Your Family Member or Travel Companion before the Scheduled Departure Date;

d.       Bodily Injury or illness (applicable to Overseas Journey only) of Your Family Member or Travel Companion necessitating him/her to be Confined to a Hospital;

e.       You or Your Travel Companion are or required to be in compulsory quarantine, or jury service, or are subpoenaed or hijacked;

f.         Cancellation of Scheduled Common Carrier services consequent upon Strike, Riot or Civil Commotion which is beyond Your control at the planned Destination;

g.       Your residence in Malaysia becoming uninhabitable following fire, storm or flood occurring such that Your presence is required on the premises on the Scheduled Departure Date;

h.       Due to Natural Disasters at the Destination country which prevent You from commencing the Journey.

4.       For Domestic Journey, if You are forced to cancel Your Journey as a direct and necessary result of any of the above Specified Causes, the event must occur within seven (7) days before the Schedule Departure Date.

Yes, if the event occurs within fourteen (14) days before the Period of Insurance and must be accompanied with travel advice from relevant authority(s).

Nomination Of Beneficiary/ies

No. It is not a mandatory requirement. It is a choice of the policy owner. However, under Schedule 10 of the Financial Service Act 2013, a policy owner may nominate a natural person to receive policy moneys payable upon his death. Chubb is therefore providing this right to nominate if the policy owner so chooses. A copy of the Nomination Form can be downloaded here. If the policy owner does not nominate, the policy moneys will be paid to the rightful beneficiary of their estate.

However, in the event that the policy owner so wishes to nominate, the Nomination Form has to be filled up accordingly, signed by the policy owner and witnessed by a person of sound mind, who has attained the aged of 18 years of age and who is not the named nominee. If this is not done, the Nomination Form is not valid Chubb cannot pay out policy moneys in reliance of an invalid Nomination Form. The signed and witnessed Nomination Form can then be faxed or emailed to us.

The policy owner can nominate anyone but should he/she choose to nominate someone other than his/her child, spouse or parent, Schedule 10 of the Financial Service Act 2013 provides that the person can only receive the policy moneys as executor (not as beneficiary). If the policy owner wishes for that person to receive the moneys as beneficiary, then the policy owner will have to assign the policy benefits to that person.

The above FAQ should be read and construed in light of, and subject to, all terms, conditions and exclusions contained in the Policy.

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