What is covered by my insurance?

You are heading off for the weekend or embarking on a round-the-world adventure, you can choose the cover that matches your trip. There is no need to pay for cover you simply do not need. You may also refer to the Product Disclosure Sheet for more information.

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Core Benefits (sum insured RM)

Personal Accident

- Adult
{{> show accident.adult}}
- Child
{{> show accident.child}}
Child Education Fund
{{> show education.child}}
Due to Accident
- Below age 70 years
{{> show accident_medical.nonsenior}}
- Above age 70 years
{{> show accident_medical.senior}}
Due to Sickness
- Below age 70 years
{{> show sickness_medical.nonsenior}}
- Above age 70 years
{{> show sickness_medical.senior}}
Due to Accident
- Below age 70 years
{{> show accident_medical_m.nonsenior}}
- Above age 70 years
{{> show accident_medical_m.senior}}
Due to Sickness:
- Below age 70 years
{{> show sickness_medical_m.nonsenior}}
- Above age 70 years
{{> show sickness_medical_m.senior}}
Alternative Treatment
{{> show treatment.sum}}
- Up to age 65 years
{{> show hospital_income.nonsenior}}
- Above age 65 years but under 80 years
{{> show hospital_income.senior}}
Compassionate Visit
{{> show compassionate.sum}}
Child Guard
{{> show child_guard.sum}}
Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation
{{> show emergency_medical.sum}}
Repatriation of Mortal Remains (Include Burial & Cremation expenses)
{{> show repatriation.sum}}

Travel Inconvenience

- Cancellation Expenses
{{> show cancellation.sum}}
- Postponement Expenses
{{> show cancellation.postpone}}
Travel Curtailment
{{> show curtailment.sum}}
Travel Disruption
{{> show discruption.sum}}
Loss or Damage of Personal Belonging & Baggage
- Any one article limit
{{> show single_article_limit.sum}}
- Portable Computer
{{> show loss_computer.sum}}
Max Limit
{{> show baggage_damage_max_limit.sum}}
Loss of Personal Money
{{> show loss_money.sum}}
Loss or Damage to Travel Documents
{{> show loss_document.sum}}
Fraudulent Use of Loss Credit Card
{{> show loss_creditcard.sum}}
Baggage Delay Overseas
{{> show baggage_delay.oversea.hrs}}
- Max Limit (Overseas)
{{> show baggage_delay.oversea.sum}}
Per family limit
{{> show baggage_delay.oversea.family}}
- Max Limit (Malaysia)
{{> show baggage_delay.domestic.sum}}
Per family limit
{{> show baggage_delay.domestic.family}}
Travel Delay (every 6 consecutive hours)
{{> show travel_delay.hrs}}
Max Limit
{{> show travel_delay.sum}}
Travel Misconnection (every 6 consecutive hours)
{{> show misconnect.hrs}}
Max Limit
{{> show misconnect.sum}}
Travel Misconnection (every 6 consecutive hours)
{{> show reroute.hrs}}
Max Limit
{{> show reroute.sum}}
Travel Overbooked (every 6 consecutive hours)
{{> show overbooked.hrs}}
Max Limit
{{> show overbooked.sum}}
Missed Departure (every 6 consecutive hours)
{{> show missed.hrs}}
Max Limit
{{> show missed.sum}}
Hijacking Inconvenience (every 6 consecutive hours)
{{> show hijack.hrs}}
Max Limit
{{> show hijack.sum}}
Personal Liability
{{> show personal_liability.sum}}
Emergency Mobile Phone Charges
{{> show mobile.sum}}


Golf Benefit
- Hole In One
{{> show golf.hole}}
- Loss of golf equipment due to Theft
{{> show golf.equipment}}
- Unused golf green fees due to Bodily Injury or sickness
{{> show golf.unuse}}
Home Inconvenience Allowance
{{> show home_invonvenience.sum}}
- Any one article limit
{{> show home_invonvenience.item}}
Pet Care (amount per 24 hour)
{{> show petcare.hrs}}
Max Limit
{{> show petcare.sum}}

Optional: Add-Ons (with additional premium)

Cruise Pack


General Exclusion No.26 is removed in its entirety when Cruise Pack is shown as "Included" on Your Certificate of Insurance

(The definition of Travel Cancellation is extended to include reasonable pre-paid, non-refundable and unused portion of Cruise activities and day excursion)

{{> show addon.cruise}}
Cruise Re-Route
{{> show addon.cruise_reroute}}
Cruise Re-Route
{{> show addon.cruise_reroute}}


Terrorism Extension
{{> show others.terrorism}}

24 hours Worldwide Chubb Assistance

- Medical Expenses

- Travel Assistance

{{> show others.assistance}}

*an excess of RM50 is applicable for each and every medical receipt/bill/invoice in the event medical treatment is not sought Overseas. You must seek medical treatment in Malaysia within 24 hours from the date of Your return to Malaysia and You have up to 30 days to continue the medical treatment in Malaysia.

Full details of the terms, conditions and exclusions of this insurance are provided for in the Policy Coverages.